Web Development Fundamentals


In this course, our aim is to provide basic understanding of web development to each student. We will be covering technologies like HTML, CSS, JS, PHP & MYSQL. But, apart from that, course will involve various tools that a web developer needs to know.

Course Modules


Course Duration

6 weeks /  45 days

Mon – Sat , 10am – 6pm



– Must be familiar with the basics of programming & databases.

– Must be having a laptop.


 Contact Us

Phone : +91-7206399993

Email : contact@edeepie.com


Course Fee

₹ 7500/-



Why are we asked to bring our own laptop?

We are looking for candidates who are committed to learn during the course duration as well as after the completion of course. Learning requires both motivation & resources. We are here to motivate a candidate. But, candidate should have enough resources to learn.

If you don’t own a laptop, don’t worry. We can guide you to buy one.

What do you mean by “familiar with basics of programming”?

We need you to have basic understanding of any programming language like C,C++ etc. It is easier to learn a programming language if you already familiar with the concept of programming.

Why 8 hours of training in a day?

We follow practice based learning approach in our training programme. We are aimed to provide a collaborative learning environment where a student can learn important aspects like teamwork, self-learning, management etc along with the technical skills so that he can perform better in future.

We try to maintain open culture. A person can take break as he feels necessary. We believe that environment has a deep impact on learning & growth of a person. Hence, we try to provide as much flexibility as possible.

Also, you will be completing your project in this duration only. So, its better to learn something useful if you are investing your crucial time.

Will I get acknowledgement for this training?

Yes, you will get acknowledgement certificate for this training.