Optimize Images for the Web

One of the best ways to create fast websites is to optimize images for the web.HTML, CSS, JavaScripts, and fonts can add up, but nothing will slow a page down like tons of unoptimized graphics. In my experience, images tend to account for the majority of a page’s total file size (commonly known as “page weight”). If…

Google Mobilegeddon

What is Google Mobilegeddon?

On April 21, 2015, Google updated its search ranking algorithm to make searches more efficient for mobile devices. As a result, websites with mobile friendly UI will rank better as compared to the other websites when searched via a mobile device. This news had created a lot of panic & worry among website owners as well as the SEO experts because the Google search engine drives so much traffic. For the same reason, people are calling this  update “Mobilegeddon”  (Mobile Armageddon).